Reinforce team collaboration in the office with this desktop organizer that invites you to connect. Inspired by the work of a specialist in geometric designs (M. C. Escher), this design of a lizard fits perfectly with the others.
Thus, it can be reproduced to infinity to create a magnificent set.
4 x 3 inches for a height of 1 inch.


3d manufacturing is an easy approach since there is no overhang.
After the completion of the bottom, the walls rise slowly.
The duration is about 6 hours and does not require special monitoring.

Our parameters on Repetier and Slic3r
Extruder: 200 ° C and bed: 55 ° C
Layer height: 0.3 mm
Vertical shells, perimeter: 3
Horizontal shells, solid layer top: 3 and bottom: 3
Fill density: 20%
No support material
Speed perimeters: 55 mm / s