Find the spirit of the first sci-fi movies with this original robot Fat fat the robot is sleek design with a Mechanical look. His gaze gives him unwavering determination.
From the height of its 5 inches, it Will bring you tranquility and boldness.

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Fat fat the robot is easy to print 3d but the use of support is necessary.
For the 3d printed model, we chose a black PLA to accentuate its massive side.
Two and a half hours were necessary to manufacture it with a 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.3 mm layers.

Our parameters on Repetier and Slic3r
Extruder: 200 ° C and bed: 55 ° C
Layer height: 0.3 mm
Vertical shells, perimeter: 3
Horizontal shells, solid layer top: 3 and bottom: 3
Fill density: 20%
Support material
Overhang threshold: 15 °
Speed perimeters: 45 mm / s