Open a door to nature with this design bracelet inspired by a dragonfly.
Dragonfly Cuff is a classic figure in the field of Art Nouveau, a must for nature inspired jewelry design. Proven for 300 million years, a dragonfly is a form of flying insect inherited from the appearance of life.

Size: S, up the scale to 1,08 to M size, up to 1,16 to L size.
Interior: 60 x 45 mm (2,4 x 1,9 inches)
High : 60mm (2,4 ‘)

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Making this bracelet is very simple, the prototype did not need printing support, but they can be used for a really perfect result.
By cons, the use of a wide edge is necessary to be sure to have a good grip on the board.
The choice of PLA filament is focused on purple for a more feminine appearance.
The 3d print was made with 0.2mm layers and a 0.4mm nozzle in one and a half hours.

Our parameters on Repetier and Slic3r
Extruder: 200 ° C and bed: 55 ° C
Layer height: 0.2 mm
Vertical shells, perimeter: 3
Horizontal shells, solid layer top: 3 and bottom: 3
Fill density: 20%
No support material
Speed perimeters: 35 mm / s