Bring fun and good mood into your home with this merry character with six sneakers.
Sneakers and cap come from the imaginary forest but has an urban style.
His big eyes look at you with astonishment and his little beak is ready to chirp.
2 inches high, it will find its place near you.

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Big sneakers and cap is a model easy to print 3d but it still needs printing support.
For the printed 3d model that is presented, we used bronze colored PLA with a 0.4 mm nozzle. Manufacturing with 0.3 mm layers and support took 3 ½ hours.

Our settings on Repetier and Slic3r
Extruder: 200 ° C and bed: 55 ° C
Layer height: 0.3 mm
Vertical shells, perimeter: 3
Horizontal shells, solid layer top: 3 and bottom: 3
Fill density: 20%
Support material
Overhang threshold: 15 °
Speed perimeters: 45 mm / s