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My name is Fabrice Jean-Pierre, the contraction in Fabric evokes the frame of meshes. 3D modeling is an evolution after a career as a technician in the manufacture of mechanical parts in the aeronautics sector. In order to work in a design office, I studied computer-aided design software, especially on Catia V5. The notion of geometry in industrial manufacturing processes greatly facilitated the learning of 3d software. The discovery of 3D printing is an opportunity to free the imagination and it allowed me the pursuit of many projects in art. The first piece I printed 3D was a modeling of flowers, a crocus. The initial modeling idea was the enlargement of small plants. The 3d scanner is missing, so the choice of transfer of the object was the photo. Veronica from Persia, jonquil, Crocus, and Rosemary was my first subject of study on flower modeling. The world of additive manufacturing has guided me to more classic categories of objects, such as phone stands, kitchen utensils, office supplies, jewelry, bird feeders and decorating. Products with mechanisms have allowed expressing concepts managing more notions of assembly and mobility of parts between them. Currently, I develop jewelry and portable objects. The basis of the study is the cutting projection on an irregular surface to obtain an elegant and organic physical object. In two years of 3d printing, the realization of a multitude of objects has opened various ways of thinking to use different design techniques. Part manufacturing paces my workflow as each model is tested on a Prusa RepRap. The results validate the technical choices and enrich the following creations either at the level of the computer-assisted design or at the level of the printing on the machine. To reduce the manufacturing time, I try not to use print media and most parts are obtained in 3 or 4 hours. The finish really helps to achieve the object and learn the lessons. 3D rendering is also an area of my work, each model is also highlighted. I use blender-cycle for calculating images to provide a realistic look at my productions. This is very interesting because it is the physical properties of light and materials that are the elements used. It's a return to the original idea about flowers because they are the result of a play between light and matter. You can contact me to submit your projects right here


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